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Foreign exchange trading, also known as “FOREX” or “FX”, is the exchange of a foreign currency for another foreign currency, that is, the simultaneous purchase of a currency in a currency pair and the sale of the other currency in a foreign exchange transaction.


Commodities are items that are used in commerce or on markets. Commodities are traded on different exchanges around the world, usually as futures contracts.
cfds on futures

CFDs on futures

“Index” in this case refers to a stock index CFD, which is a financial derivative that uses a stock price index as the underlying basis, providing an opportunity to invest profitably through changes in the price of a stock or index.
shares cfds

Shares CFDs

Through the OWM trading platform,you can buy and sell shares of large companies listed on exchanges such as NYSE, NASDAQ and HKEx without the corresponding fees or issues of traditional stock trading.
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About OWM

OWM has been committed to providing investors with a stable and secure trading platform, competitive spreads, convenient access experience, and a professional customer service team, enabling customers to enjoy an excellent trading environment. We present the most realistic market quotes to customers and stand alongside our customers when they make their orders in the market. Over the past four years, OWM has repeatedly won international trader awards for its good business reputation and professional services and has been favored by more and more investors.

Freedom to trade anytime, anywhere and enjoy the widest range of forex trading opportunities

A solution to keep your business up and running normally

OWM offers investors upwards of 100 foreign exchange and other financial derivatives, including foreign exchange, spot and futures, stock indices, and stocks. Provides investors with an MT4 trading software platform for one-stop trading and support for ECN trading.