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About OWM

Registered with Vanuatu Brokers, VFSC Regulatory 40299

Introduce OWM

OWM offers investors upwards of 100 foreign exchange and other financial derivatives, including foreign exchange, spot and futures, stock indices, and stocks. Provides investors with an MT4 trading software platform, to achieve one-stop trading, and support for ECN trading. In addition OWM also provides a variety of trading aids to help investors improve their ability to win in the market.
OWM (Oriental Wealth Markets Limited) was founded in 2017 in the capital of Vanuatu (Port Vila) by professionals in the field of finance, and experts in the field of e-commerce, and over the last 4 years has grown rapidly into a well-known forex trader. Over the years, OWM’s mission is to improve the online trading experience for traders by providing competitive spreads, superior trading platforms, and a level trading playing field. Our journey: the company was founded in 2017, established a Hong Kong office in 2018, the Jakarta office in 2019, and the Kuala Lumpur office in 2020. In four years we have grown by leaps and bounds and have served investors in over a dozen countries. All along OWM has been committed to providing investors with a stable and secure trading platform, competitive spreads, convenient access experience, and a professional customer service team, enabling customers to enjoy an excellent trading environment. We present the most realistic market quotes to customers and stand alongside our customers when they make their orders in the market. Over the past four years, OWM has repeatedly won international trader awards for its good business reputation and professional services and has been favored by more and more investors.

Why Choose Us

Fund Segregation

The safety of investor funds is a key element of OWM's business. We keep all client funds related to trading segregated in a separate security account, and each fund is identified by a corresponding number to protect client assets. The security account is separate from the company's operating account and is audited annually by a professional accounting firm. The company only uses its own funds to bear business risks and does not use clients' funds for any nominal profit, ensuring the safety of clients' funds.

Insurance protection

We comply with the Vanuatu Financial Commission regulations and OWM works with reputable international insurance companies. We have a high level of commercial insurance for our investors. This protects investors in the event of a company going bankrupt, with up to $50,000 in compensation.

No Negative Balance Guarantee

OWM offers its clients a "No Negative Balance Guarantee" to ensure maximum control of trading risks and to ensure that clients do not have negative balances in their accounts and have to pay additional fees.

Client privacy and confidentiality

OWM strictly abides by all privacy and legal regulations and has established a strict system of client information confidentiality to ensure that private information is not disclosed to any third-party organizations or individuals. OWM will not disclose any non-public information to anyone except as approved by law and regulation.

OWM puts integrity and service at the forefront of our mission and business development.

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